Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First plan

Remember in my previous blog that I will spent my remaining months of this year planning about next year. Well, I had a chat with grace in YM and told her about the trip I am planning. Surprisingly, we already planned for this trip but I had forgotten about it.

I hope cez can some too. I miss Cecile and her sound advice on me. I remember opening up something to her on our last trip and among all the people I ask about an advice, she gave the most sensible answer to my troubled question. Sumama ka na kasi Cez! please please please!

If I weren't based here in Singapore and is still living in the Philippines, I would have accompanied Grace in Palawan last September with her colleagues. But sadly, I wasn't able to. But this time I will be, definitely.

makikita ko na si MM sa personal!

+ + + + +

SITEX is coming very soon, I was planning to buy some IT Gadgets there but the guys in clubsnaps suggested to look for better option than swimming with hundreds of people wanting the same item.

they said that prices offered in SITEX will also be the same in the shops available in FUNAN and SIM LIM, only that SITEX participating stores will offer a hefty volume of freebies. Some say that some of the freebies are useless, it's for me to find out. But still, I want to go there since it's very near in my place.

I must control myself, me being a LICENSED IMPULSIVE BUYER must determine the things I need before buying. May be some hard drives and memories but I must not buy a game console or a desktop computer! even if I want to! haha

I will go there to buy only external hard disk.

And that's it!

let's see...

+ + + + +

to learn more about sitex, click the image below to redirect you to their website.