Monday, March 21, 2011

Postcards and Letters

My housemates, Spica and JP, introduced me to this hobby of sending postcards whenever I travel. Before, I thought that this kind of hobby promotes boasting of one's luxury of traveling, but as I see it now, sending postcards to your loved ones, friends and colleagues shows that you remember them and they are part of your thoughts wherever you are.

With postcards, you tell everyone that wherever you are, you want to share to them a piece of happiness that you are experiencing during that very moment.

My trip to Vietnam and Cambodia gave me an opportunity to send some to the people that I want to remember and I want to say thanks to. Also with this hobb,y I get to practiced writing of some of my thoughts and share it with my friends.

Below are some of my favorites that I have written and sent to the Philippines, USA and Singapore. I have obscured the name and address of the recipient for privacy reasons.

Ok, I have might miss sending out to some people, but please bear with me, sending one postcard is not cheap and I'll be going around Asia this year, so to those who won't received one, please wait, I'll send you one next time.

If you want me to send you a postcard, give me your address and I'll be happy to get in touch thru postcards.