Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I called home to talk to my mother. I'm feeling a little homesick and a little down for reasons that,
1.) My contract is ending soon.
2.) I don't have any offers yet.
3.) I'm away from home <- duh!
4.) There hasn't beed much changed lately.
5.) I'm feeling lonely.
6.) I'm feeling bad for myself.

Thank God for good mothers, they are there to lift the spirit of their children. So to lift my mood, she told me,

MOM : Count your blessings and remember the best thing that happened in your life. Like me, You three, my children, are the best thing that happend in my life.

. . . .

Now I feel bad for her =

Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 Years Ago.

After 10 years, I still don't know how to send sms to my iPhone.

Feeling pathetic and frustrated.

But the good side is, I can surf the net! (Kasi naman pagkakuha facebook, ym at gamis kaagad inatupag)


- - - - - - -
Four days before my last day is my scheduled On-Boarding Seminar here in CS.
nang-aasar ba kayo?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IPhone - Katangahan - Jacket - Month End

* * * * * IPhone * * * * *

I've mentioned previously in my previous post that my iPhone finally arrived.

And yes it is.

But my Laptop is showing me attitude I can't describe. I know something is wrong and I can't seem to carry my heavy ass to Sim Lim Square or Funan Digital Mall to get it fix.

But I somehow managed to setup my iPhone. I installed few applications to help me browse the net, take a peek at facebook, tweet, catch up in YM and most importantly, to play games.

By the way, I named her Legna. After the dragon from Drakengard II.So dork!

* * * * * Katangahan * * * * *

My iPhone film protector looks ridiculous! parang luma tuloy naman, bastang salpak lang ang pagkakalagay na ginawa ko.inis.

Anyway, the cost of being irritated with myself plus the frustration of what my iPhone looks like is big compared to the cost of buying a 10 dollar film protector and having it attached free. Why be miserable? di ba?

* * * * * Jacket * * * * *

I also bought an iPhone Jacket.

This time with color! I'll post the pic later.

My choice right now deviates from my previous preference of picking anything that is color black when it comes to gadgets, wallets and protector.

Simply put it, I want some color in my life right now after what I had been through. And color black is not helping hahahaha.

I need to get used to it. Although it's not normal looking for me, I love it! It gives flare to my gadgets and another eye catcher aside from my t-shirts hahaha!

* * * * * Month End * * * * *

The End is nearing.

Survival will be my priority again.

"He" is not talking about it, might as well plan my next move.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Failed-Family-ThreeDays-Europe TRIP

- - - - Failed Trip - - - -

I thought I was going to Phuket, Thailand. Sadly, the fares are so high I chickened out.

- - - - Family Trip - - - -

So it's final, they will be coming over here on March (17-20) I think.

Ma and Pa.
Sis and Chris.
Tita Eva.

Now my problem is where to book them? It supposed to be just Ma and Pa and Sis but as Nuestra Unica Hija wanted, Chris and Tita Eva will come along.

Their number is too overwhelming for my peaceful sanctuary. our first idea is to separate them, but basing from our previous family trip, separating one from the group will definitely result in a disaster.

So how?

- - - - ThreeDays - - - -

I'm planning to go home for three days.

Not to relax.

Not to be with my family. (because they'll be here anyway).

Not to satisfy my food cravings.

Not to go on vacation.

Not to meet friends (well... maybe).

Not to go to National Bookstore.

But to...

shop for playful/naughty shirts hahahaha.

para head turner ulit. lol!

- - - - Europe - - - -

Sis: beside fiumicino airport there is a train station right beside it. Board the one going to Milan. When you get there, you'll easily see Hilton Milan because it is right beside the train station.

Me: . . . . OK. . . . (scared!)

I barely manage to locate the 7-11 in our street what more go to Milan alone.


* * * * * * * * * * *

On the other side of my blogpost.

My IPhone finally came!!!

Yippee!!!! Time to browse for free apps and games.

although my laptop is busted, booo!!!

iMac, next?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

scene sa MRT

Marami akong nakikitang tao sa MRT dito sa Singapore tuwing papasok ako ng office, uuwi sa bahay or gagala. May mga taong may infrared, may puting dumi sa noo, may maaantot na tao, at higit sa lahat ay mga nagtsi-tsimisang mga pinoy.
Ngunit, subalit, datapwat, mayroong isang tumatak sa akin.
Habang pinagmamasdan ko ang mga tao sa MRT, nabaling ang aking atensyon sa isang lalake na di ko mawari kung pinoy ba o isang malay.
Rugged looking mala90's action star. Tshirt, jeans at sneakers.
sabi ko sa aking sarili... "Pinoy ba ito? Pinoy ang porma pero parang malay tumitig."
Biglang nagring ang kanyang phone at sabay sabi sa receiver....

"Hey Gurl nasan ka na? on the way na me!"

Pinay pala.

Friday, November 13, 2009

patayan sa workout

Ako ang taong hindi mapaniwalain sa sign o sa mga pagpaparamdam para lang gawin ang isang bagay na nagdadalawang isip akong gawin. Kung yun ang mangyayari, yun ang mangyayari. That's it.

Pero itong nakaraang araw, may nangyari sa akin na nakapagbigay sa akin ng pagpapahiwatig na dapat magdahan-dahan ako sa aking kinagigiliwang gawain.

ganito kasi yan. Nasira ang pinakamamahal kong laptop, well actually hindi naman talaga nasira na as in sumabog. Yung screen nya bale eh tinotopak. As of this writing, medyo may pagkadrizzly ang display ng laptop ko na parang sa tuwing magtatype ako eh lumilindol sa loob ng screen ko.

Noon, ang presyo nito eh napakamahal kumpara sa sinusweldo ko kaya talaga namang mahal na mahal ko ang laptop ko. Ito ang naging katulong ko para makapaghanap ng work dito sa singapore, this become my way of communicating to the people that matters to me, ito ang naging primary source of entertainment ko (thru watching porn. CHOS!) at higit sa lahat this machine keeps me insane.

Kaya seeing my laptop in this state really upsets me. kung nasa pinas ako at kung hindi pa tapos ang warranty ko malamang madali ko na itong napagawa. Pero yun nga wala ako sa pinas at wala tapos na ang warranty ko.

so how?

Sa sobrang depress ko, I did the most stupid thing on earth!

(BODY STEP + BODY PUMP) * empty stomach = SUICIDE!

It was tuesday when I did that, the sensation is like close to having a cardiac arrest, my head feels numb and I can feel my blood sugar is way down because of lightness that I feel plus my vision is blurry and shakey. "Something is wrong" that's what I said to myself. I weighed myself and found out that I lost almost to 4 kilos in just one night. (UNHEALTHY!)

I panic! I told myself that there's a sure chance that I will never wakeup in the morning if I sleep in this state. So I hurried downstairs and horde some food that I can find at our kitchen.

Thank God for the Labi family! I was saved. They left a meal for me, enough meal to replenish me. I rest a little after eating my meal.

And then while resting, it hit me. My supposed to be "expensive" laptop is broken, I can easily replace the parts needed to restore it back to its previous state with the money that I am earning. No matter how expensive it is.

But by working out in full energy with an empty stomach, ok I don't blame the workout I still love it, I am endangering the second most expensive thing in my life. My health is being compromised.

OK, (balik tagalog) masira man ang laptop ko madaling palitan yan, pero kung sakaling natulog ako ng ganun ang nararamdaman ko at walang laman ang tiyan, kung paggising ako na may kulang na sa akin, tingin ko ba mabilis ko rin itong mapapalitan katulad ng sa laptop ko? o mapapalitan ko pa ba ito upang mabalik ang aking dating sigla?

With what happend to my laptop, now I understand that pushing yourself way to the limit is not always a good idea. Mahirap pa naman kapag ang health ang nawala sa isang tao.

Kapag nawala yun, paano na mga pangarap ko? Ang mga magulang ko? Ang mga anak ko? Ang mga pinag-aaral ko? ang mga binubuhay ko? Ang mga pinapadalhan ko ng pera pambili ng rugby at droga? Paano na ako magpapadami ng lahi nyan?

I am most thankful to God for giving me this realization.

Never again I will do workouts with an empty stomach. Thank God! I don't have to lose a vision just to realize that.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm Back!

hindi ako naghiatus or anything.

tinamad lang ako magBlog.

let's say na gusto ko lang ng ...

A Moment of Silence.


Ang sarap magdrama!