Monday, December 28, 2009

It's my Birthday! Dec 29 :) You d

This is an entry from my Secret Diary
Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 8:11 AM location: on Google Maps

It's my Birthday! Dec 29 :) You don't have to greet me, I'm not eight or a kinder garden to be upset if you don't greet me but it will still be nice. I'm just happy it's my birthday. Gift Number 1 : Remove the Excess Baggage in my life, well I have proven this before and yet again there are people or things that, over time will not matter to you, I don't know what happen but like I have said, this happened before so might as well forget them and drop them somewhere. I will only keep people and things that matters. Sorry but's my birthday. Gift Number 2: suck the poison out of my life. To all the people that I have hurt, sorry. I have done things in the Past that I know it's not that pretty but I have said also my sorry to them. If they don't accept it, it's not my problem anymore. It's not my fault if they have so many dramas in their life. It's my lufe and I want to come clean and live clean. To all the rest whom I have forgotten to personally offer my apology, sorry and I'm wishing you the very best. Gift Number 3 : Buy a hair brush and a comb. I Haven't had one for a long time now. Gift Number 4 : I want to buy shoes, I will want to buy two dress shoes and one gym shoes (awwww!!!) Gift Number 5 : Bag , I'll replaced my tattered bag now. It has served me well oreddi! Gift Number 6 : iMac, the biggest iMac hahahahaha (icandothis!) Gift Number 7 : be more friendly Gift Number 8 : I will stick to my diet plan and attend gym regularly, not to bulk up but to trim and firm down (but please, i want to be excused today, just today) Gift Number 9 : PREPARE FOR EUROPE!!! Budget, Visa, Clothes, Photography, Body and most especially BUDGET!!! EUROPE!!! Gift Number 10 : Bring my family here and show them Singapore, it will be a homecoming for my parents since they've already seen it. There! If I give myself more gifts then there will be nothing to wished for. So better make room for more. Another year for me, what lies ahead is exciting. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you to all who greeted me in advance, who greets me today and who will give me a belated greeting. Thank You!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I called home to talk to my mother. I'm feeling a little homesick and a little down for reasons that,
1.) My contract is ending soon.
2.) I don't have any offers yet.
3.) I'm away from home <- duh!
4.) There hasn't beed much changed lately.
5.) I'm feeling lonely.
6.) I'm feeling bad for myself.

Thank God for good mothers, they are there to lift the spirit of their children. So to lift my mood, she told me,

MOM : Count your blessings and remember the best thing that happened in your life. Like me, You three, my children, are the best thing that happend in my life.

. . . .

Now I feel bad for her =

Thursday, November 19, 2009

10 Years Ago.

After 10 years, I still don't know how to send sms to my iPhone.

Feeling pathetic and frustrated.

But the good side is, I can surf the net! (Kasi naman pagkakuha facebook, ym at gamis kaagad inatupag)


- - - - - - -
Four days before my last day is my scheduled On-Boarding Seminar here in CS.
nang-aasar ba kayo?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IPhone - Katangahan - Jacket - Month End

* * * * * IPhone * * * * *

I've mentioned previously in my previous post that my iPhone finally arrived.

And yes it is.

But my Laptop is showing me attitude I can't describe. I know something is wrong and I can't seem to carry my heavy ass to Sim Lim Square or Funan Digital Mall to get it fix.

But I somehow managed to setup my iPhone. I installed few applications to help me browse the net, take a peek at facebook, tweet, catch up in YM and most importantly, to play games.

By the way, I named her Legna. After the dragon from Drakengard II.So dork!

* * * * * Katangahan * * * * *

My iPhone film protector looks ridiculous! parang luma tuloy naman, bastang salpak lang ang pagkakalagay na ginawa ko.inis.

Anyway, the cost of being irritated with myself plus the frustration of what my iPhone looks like is big compared to the cost of buying a 10 dollar film protector and having it attached free. Why be miserable? di ba?

* * * * * Jacket * * * * *

I also bought an iPhone Jacket.

This time with color! I'll post the pic later.

My choice right now deviates from my previous preference of picking anything that is color black when it comes to gadgets, wallets and protector.

Simply put it, I want some color in my life right now after what I had been through. And color black is not helping hahahaha.

I need to get used to it. Although it's not normal looking for me, I love it! It gives flare to my gadgets and another eye catcher aside from my t-shirts hahaha!

* * * * * Month End * * * * *

The End is nearing.

Survival will be my priority again.

"He" is not talking about it, might as well plan my next move.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Failed-Family-ThreeDays-Europe TRIP

- - - - Failed Trip - - - -

I thought I was going to Phuket, Thailand. Sadly, the fares are so high I chickened out.

- - - - Family Trip - - - -

So it's final, they will be coming over here on March (17-20) I think.

Ma and Pa.
Sis and Chris.
Tita Eva.

Now my problem is where to book them? It supposed to be just Ma and Pa and Sis but as Nuestra Unica Hija wanted, Chris and Tita Eva will come along.

Their number is too overwhelming for my peaceful sanctuary. our first idea is to separate them, but basing from our previous family trip, separating one from the group will definitely result in a disaster.

So how?

- - - - ThreeDays - - - -

I'm planning to go home for three days.

Not to relax.

Not to be with my family. (because they'll be here anyway).

Not to satisfy my food cravings.

Not to go on vacation.

Not to meet friends (well... maybe).

Not to go to National Bookstore.

But to...

shop for playful/naughty shirts hahahaha.

para head turner ulit. lol!

- - - - Europe - - - -

Sis: beside fiumicino airport there is a train station right beside it. Board the one going to Milan. When you get there, you'll easily see Hilton Milan because it is right beside the train station.

Me: . . . . OK. . . . (scared!)

I barely manage to locate the 7-11 in our street what more go to Milan alone.


* * * * * * * * * * *

On the other side of my blogpost.

My IPhone finally came!!!

Yippee!!!! Time to browse for free apps and games.

although my laptop is busted, booo!!!

iMac, next?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

scene sa MRT

Marami akong nakikitang tao sa MRT dito sa Singapore tuwing papasok ako ng office, uuwi sa bahay or gagala. May mga taong may infrared, may puting dumi sa noo, may maaantot na tao, at higit sa lahat ay mga nagtsi-tsimisang mga pinoy.
Ngunit, subalit, datapwat, mayroong isang tumatak sa akin.
Habang pinagmamasdan ko ang mga tao sa MRT, nabaling ang aking atensyon sa isang lalake na di ko mawari kung pinoy ba o isang malay.
Rugged looking mala90's action star. Tshirt, jeans at sneakers.
sabi ko sa aking sarili... "Pinoy ba ito? Pinoy ang porma pero parang malay tumitig."
Biglang nagring ang kanyang phone at sabay sabi sa receiver....

"Hey Gurl nasan ka na? on the way na me!"

Pinay pala.

Friday, November 13, 2009

patayan sa workout

Ako ang taong hindi mapaniwalain sa sign o sa mga pagpaparamdam para lang gawin ang isang bagay na nagdadalawang isip akong gawin. Kung yun ang mangyayari, yun ang mangyayari. That's it.

Pero itong nakaraang araw, may nangyari sa akin na nakapagbigay sa akin ng pagpapahiwatig na dapat magdahan-dahan ako sa aking kinagigiliwang gawain.

ganito kasi yan. Nasira ang pinakamamahal kong laptop, well actually hindi naman talaga nasira na as in sumabog. Yung screen nya bale eh tinotopak. As of this writing, medyo may pagkadrizzly ang display ng laptop ko na parang sa tuwing magtatype ako eh lumilindol sa loob ng screen ko.

Noon, ang presyo nito eh napakamahal kumpara sa sinusweldo ko kaya talaga namang mahal na mahal ko ang laptop ko. Ito ang naging katulong ko para makapaghanap ng work dito sa singapore, this become my way of communicating to the people that matters to me, ito ang naging primary source of entertainment ko (thru watching porn. CHOS!) at higit sa lahat this machine keeps me insane.

Kaya seeing my laptop in this state really upsets me. kung nasa pinas ako at kung hindi pa tapos ang warranty ko malamang madali ko na itong napagawa. Pero yun nga wala ako sa pinas at wala tapos na ang warranty ko.

so how?

Sa sobrang depress ko, I did the most stupid thing on earth!

(BODY STEP + BODY PUMP) * empty stomach = SUICIDE!

It was tuesday when I did that, the sensation is like close to having a cardiac arrest, my head feels numb and I can feel my blood sugar is way down because of lightness that I feel plus my vision is blurry and shakey. "Something is wrong" that's what I said to myself. I weighed myself and found out that I lost almost to 4 kilos in just one night. (UNHEALTHY!)

I panic! I told myself that there's a sure chance that I will never wakeup in the morning if I sleep in this state. So I hurried downstairs and horde some food that I can find at our kitchen.

Thank God for the Labi family! I was saved. They left a meal for me, enough meal to replenish me. I rest a little after eating my meal.

And then while resting, it hit me. My supposed to be "expensive" laptop is broken, I can easily replace the parts needed to restore it back to its previous state with the money that I am earning. No matter how expensive it is.

But by working out in full energy with an empty stomach, ok I don't blame the workout I still love it, I am endangering the second most expensive thing in my life. My health is being compromised.

OK, (balik tagalog) masira man ang laptop ko madaling palitan yan, pero kung sakaling natulog ako ng ganun ang nararamdaman ko at walang laman ang tiyan, kung paggising ako na may kulang na sa akin, tingin ko ba mabilis ko rin itong mapapalitan katulad ng sa laptop ko? o mapapalitan ko pa ba ito upang mabalik ang aking dating sigla?

With what happend to my laptop, now I understand that pushing yourself way to the limit is not always a good idea. Mahirap pa naman kapag ang health ang nawala sa isang tao.

Kapag nawala yun, paano na mga pangarap ko? Ang mga magulang ko? Ang mga anak ko? Ang mga pinag-aaral ko? ang mga binubuhay ko? Ang mga pinapadalhan ko ng pera pambili ng rugby at droga? Paano na ako magpapadami ng lahi nyan?

I am most thankful to God for giving me this realization.

Never again I will do workouts with an empty stomach. Thank God! I don't have to lose a vision just to realize that.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm Back!

hindi ako naghiatus or anything.

tinamad lang ako magBlog.

let's say na gusto ko lang ng ...

A Moment of Silence.


Ang sarap magdrama!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

And so I thought...

Isang umaga, nagising dahil may bumato sa bintana ko, ang init pa naman nun. Pawis na pawis ako, at sa lahat kasi ng ayaw ko yung nagigising ako sa mga ganung paraan. Pucha! badtrip!

Alam nyo yun, gusto mong matulog tapos may kung sinu ang manggigising sa iyo. BABATUHIN pa ang bintana mo! Kung mabasag yun! ang mahal pa naman sa Sing!

Kaya kahit bugnutin akong gumising, pinilit kong tumayo para buntalan o sigawan kung anu ang problema ng hinayupak na yun at nang-iistorbo siya!

Pagdungaw ko sa bintana...



tangina wala akong pake kahit gumamit pa siya ng wrecking ball para gisingin ako! Yayakapin ko siya!

kaya dali dali akong bumaba para salubungin siya! iha-hug ko si Jollibee at iki-kiss ko siya! TORRID!!! WITH TONGUE AND GUMS!!!

biglang nag-alarm ang cellphone ko...

Monday na pala!

Na miss ko lang ang Pinas!


Monday, May 11, 2009

my FACTking Advice!

ok ganito ang storya, si Jed student ko siya before sa la salle at sa lahat ng mga naging estudyante ko siya ang pinakamatanong. Naiinis nga ako jan nung una kasi hindi ako pinapatahimik sa desk ko kasi laging tanung ng tanong.

Anyway, nakita ko siyang online minsan sa YM at nakita ko ang Status nya na nag-sosorry sa classmates niya over something so trivial, at dahil sa maepal ako tinanong ko siya, anyway basahin nyo na lang ang naging usapan namin sa YM at saksihan kung gaano ako kabait na professor at kagaling sa pagbibigay ng advice.

click nyo para mas malake!

kaya kids, hwag kayong matakot na mapagalitan.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bongga Lah?! Balikbayan Box Lor!

Nagcelebrate kami ng aking mga housemate ng Mother's Day sa IKEA Tampines. Grabe akala ko kagamitang pambahay lang ang mabibili doon pati pala murang pagkain meron din. Sa halagang ten dollars nakapagfiesta ako sa Tampines! OhMYGULAY! CALORIES!

Actually kaya kami pumunta doon eh para bumili ng gamit pambahay na ipapadala ko sa Pinas. Well, actually sila din bumili hindi lang nila ako sinamahan.

Kasi ganito yan, nung isang araw kasi nakita ko si housemate Spica na naglabas ng isang malaking karton mula sa kanilang kwarto. At dahil sa mala-tsismoso attitude ko, tinanong ko siya kung para saan yun. At don ikinuwento sa akin ni Spica na pupunuin nya yun ng mga kagamitan na papadala niya sa Pinas. At dagdag pa ni Tita Ruby na kung gusto ko raw bumili rin nun eh sabihin ko lang dahil may discount siya sa balikbayan.

Oh di ba? ang poporma nina housemates, they make my life easier. Ngayon pwede na akong magpadala sa Pinas ng kung anu anong bagay na pwede mapakinabangan ng aking pamilya including my old stuff na pwede nilang ibenta sa Ukay-ukay hahahaha. At siempre sinu pa ba ang unang makikinabang ng balikbayan box kung di si...


liligaya na naman ang nanay ko kasi hindi na pahapyaw ang makukuha niyang pasalubong here from abroad. Actually hindi na rin ako mahihirapan na pasalubungan lahat ng gusto kong pasalubungan kasi nga may paraan na, kahit gaano pa ito kabigat. YEBBA!!!

Kaya Chris, yung mga pahaging mo na "Bili mo rin ako" magkakatotoo na yan! Maghihintay ka na nga lang hahaha.

Excited na akong mamili ng kung anu ano! bwahahahahaha!

Sa lahat ng makakabasa nito, sinu sa inyo gusto ng PASALUBONG?!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

25 FACTking true about me

1. I love my initials: F A C T

2. I like anything RED. RED is my favorite color.

3. My first playmate is my grandmother from my father side. She spoiled me with candies and Filipino treats. She died months right after my father fulfilled his promised to her, so fulfilling promises is very traumatic for me, please don't make me promise.

4. I think I am beginning to accept that I am the "black sheep" among my siblings (not in the bad way). They can draw, I can't. They can sing, I can't. They are friendly and sociable, I am shy. They are popular in school, my class adviser can't even recognized me. They have this aggressive personality, I lean towards the passive personality. To add more, I look very different from them that other people can easily tell that they are siblings while they can regard me as an adopted child.

5. I am a very disobedient to my parents before . Thank God, they didn't give up from understanding me.

6. I love eating vegetables, my Auntie Luz taught me how to love
them. My favorite vegetable is AMPALAYA. I love its bitterness.

7. I've been a Team Leader/Senior Programmer and College Professor in De La Salle University - DasmariƱas, Part-Time IT Instructor in Informatics, a graduate student in Ateneo Information Technology Institute, I studied level 3 Spanish in Instituto Cervantes De Manila, I also studied Level 1 French in Francais Alliance de Manille and I'm self-studying photography. All of these happened in a year, I didn't know how I manage my time to do all of these but I somehow did. I forgot to mention, I am also taking care of two golden retrievers at that time.

8. I had my first dog when I was 22, a Golden retriever, he is the smallest of the litter and the only one who approached me. I named him ORO, means gold in Spanish, my brother, Christian, suggested the name. One time he got sick, for three days I didn't go to office just to nurse him back to health, I thank God he survives.

9. I eventually took ownership of Oro's sister, a dark brown golden retriever. She's very different from Oro, has a deeper voice and naughtier than her brother. I named her Chiyo after the protagonist of the book "Memoirs of a Geisha." I miss them! ='(

10. People think that I am living an easy life, free of stress, that I have no problem, I have an easy work and comfortable living. little they know that underneath this jolly and stres-free exterior is a managed chaos waiting to explode any moment. I just know how to manage my life.

11. I do impulsive decisions most of the time. Like moving and working here in Singapore. Thank God it's working out!

12. I go for the extreme rides in carnivals. Thanks to my older sister who forced me to accompany her to ride the rollercoaster when I was 5 years old in a local carnival. Mind you, my sister is a daredevil. The dangerous the ride, the better for her.

13. I am afraid of snakes. But I do love touching them.

14. I tend to ignore the people around me when I am alone in public. That's how I can get around in crowded areas. It is as if I am the only one in the place.

15. If I like the song, it will be the only track in my playlist. I will listen to it over and over until I get sick of listening to it.

16. I'm 3 units away from completing my Master's Degree. All I'm lacking is the oral defense for my paper. I lost the motivation when La Salle granted me a permanent faculty status.

17. I don't like eating cake, I rarely eat one, even in occassions I avoid eating cake.

18. I forgive and I forget easily. My life is too short to be unforgiving, I don't keep bad memories, I let go of anger easily and I want to be at peace all the time. I put my pride into good use and I won't use it to be a hindrance in giving and asking for forgiveness. Life is too short, let's be MERRY!

20. I love living here in Singapore. I thought at first that I'll be having a hard time being independent and living here but it is working for me. If not for the cheap clothes, friends and my family, I won't go back to my home country. I love it here!!!

21. I know it's a cliche but I regard photography as more than my creative hobby going as far as having my own motto, "I will capture, enhance and preserve what is beautiful." But I don't enjoy being photograph, look at my photos, I looked like a retard.

22. I find it fascinating to get lost in a foreign land. My trip is not complete without that happening.

23. I enjoy eating alone in restaurant, that way I am able to quietly and slowly inhale my food, unlike with friends in which I talk, laugh and eat fast when I'm with them. Actually I enjoy my alone time, the one thing that I was able to do here in Singapore.

24. I don't watch TV, I prefer to watch everything in my laptop.

25. I am an impulsive buyer/spender. I spend too much for myself and I enjoy it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

BATAM Housemate Outing

Japong, my housemate who's working in DBS, was able to get a reservation in one of the houses in Nongsa Village, Batam, Indonesia. I've been to Batam before, with friends also, but this time it's a different story.

I thought I would never be able to see a real beach this summer but throudh JP and Tita Ruby, I am able to feast on the beauty of Batam, to have a peaceful and quiet time and to know my housemates on a different level (now I know what causes JP's stress hahahahaha).

OK, my blog entry about my housemate will be publish later, first I want to share you some of the places we've been through in Batam.












I don't have much picture since I was awestruck with the beauty of the place. I thought that it was only going to be a normal cottage house but after seeing the whole place, WOW!

Nongsa Village is only available for members only, the cottages available are not for rent, rather it is a private resident. DBS owns one of the houses inside the village. Think of a posh subdivision but located in front of the beach, that's Nongsa Village, very ZEN and very relaxing. Good for the busy soul.

Beside Nongsa Village is the public beach, TURI BEACH RESORT.

JP please! please! please! invite me again!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do it this time, OK?

I mean it this time!

I will update the theme and look of my site!

even my picture!

I'll reserve my Sunday just to update my site.

what color?

what color?

I'll blog everything that I see.

No more rants hahaha

Question: how to follow blogs here in Blogspot?

Please help!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why Bubblegum is banned here in Singapore

Ito siguro ang nakitang dahilan ng pamahalaan ng Singapore kung bakit nila ipinagbawal ang pagkain ng Bubblegum sa kanilang mamamayan.

makes sense no?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cross-My-Heart, Mahal ka namin! Pramis!

Halos lahat yata mag-aagree sa akin kapag sinabi ko na ang bunso sa pamilya ang pinaka-mahal na miyembro nito. Madalas sila ang pinagbubuhusan ng atensyon at pagmamahal ng mga magulang. Kadalasan nga nababansagan silang mga "spoiled brat."

Sa panganay kasi ang setup eh testing phase, lahat ng attensyon sa kanya dahil sa mga panahong ito inaalam pa ng mga magulang kung anu ang mga kailangan ng baby, anu ang dapat at di dapat, at madalas trial and error. Kapag nagkakamali mga magulang laging pinapasa sa kanila ang responsibilidad kasi ang dahilan nila "Panganay ka."

Kapag pangalawa ka naman, kadalasan hand-me-down from the panganay ang gamit mo, pero in our case babae panganay namin at lalake ako kaya masagwa kung manahin ko ang pink dress ng ate ko at mga baby hikaw niya. ganito na lang sa ibang blog na lang yung reklamo ko sa pagiging pangalawang anak.

Kapag bunso ka, alam na alam na ng parents kung paano ang gagawin. At kapag may mga trabaho na ang mga naunang kapatid, naiispoiled din ang mga bunso dahil siempre makukunsyensya sila dahil sa ka-cutetan ng bunso nilang kapatid.

At dahil nalalapit na ang MARSO, dumating ang balita sa amin na magtatapos na ng pag-aaral ang pinakabata sa pamilya namin. At sa pamamagitan ng darating na okasyon, naipakita namin kung gaano namin siya kamahal nung ibinalita nya sa amin ang petsa ng kanya graduation.

Ang-Well-Loved-Na-Kapatid-Ko-Na-Si-C.S. : (excited to inform us) March 2_, 2009 ang graduation namin!!! =)

Reaksyon-Ni-AMA : (napasigaw sa bigla) MA!!! Bad News! Graduation ni Chris!!!!

Reaksyon-Ni-INA : (naglalambing) tsan, graduation mo ba sa 2_ ? hindi na ba pwedeng iusog yun?

Reaksyon-Ni-ATE : (naiirita) di ba next year ka pa gagraduate? (referring to 2010)

Reaksyon-Ni-KUYA : (nagtataka na galit) graduate-graduate ka jan! eh huminto ka na sa pag-aaral!

Sa ngayon, nakumpirma na niya na mahal na mahal siya ng kanyang buong pamilya.

Sa aking bunsong kapatid, HAPPY GRADUATION!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

perfect tayong lahat

Sinu ba tayo para magkamali at para sisihin ang sarili? Lahat tayo perfect, in our own point of view tama tayo sa lahat ng ginagawa natin. At ang mga nagkakamali ay ang mga tao sa paligid natin.

Gusto nyo ng halimbawa? eto...

Kapag bumabagsak ang isang estudyante, maririnig nyo ito

"Put@ng1n@ kasi ni [insert name prof here, title is optional] ang hina ng boses, bumagsak tuloy ako"

"Ang gulo kasi nyang magturo wala akong naiintindihan eh!"

"PakingSH3T kasi si [insert name prof here, title is optional], nagbibigay ng exam tapos di nagtuturo!"

Sa trabaho

"Ang bagal kasi ng jeep na sinakyan ko, na-late tuloy ako"

"Ang traffic kaya ako late!"

"Hindi ako late, sobrang maaga lang kayo!"

"Hindi kasi natapos kaagad yung pinaplantsa ko eh"

"galit kasi sa akin boss ko eh kaya ako nasisante"

"Boss ko kasi eh, buraot"

Madalas, sinisisi natin ang mga nangyayari sa ating kamalasan sa ibang tao pero ang hindi natin ginagawa ang tingnan ang sarili kung anu ang naging papel natin sa mga pangyayari. Lagi nating nililigtas ang sarili sa mga kamalian dahil takot tayong masisi.

Pero magkagayon man, kahit nasalo natin ang jackpot na kamalasan, ang malaking tanong para sa atin...

"May ginawa ka ba para masolusyunan ito at di na ulit mangyari? o ibabato mo ito sa iba?"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Piccolo - Inay - Wii

Nakarinig na ba kayo ng isang symphony? Di ba ang saya sa tenga? ang sarap pakinggan, affected lahat ng sensory nerves mo, it relaxes the mind, keeps us at peace at higit sa lahat sulit ang ginastos natin na bayad at panahon.

Pero kahit gaano pa kaganda ang isang symphony, kapag may humirit na piccolo definitely mapapansin mo ito sa kakaiba nitong tining. matatabunan ng tunog ng piccolo ang lahat ng tunog sa isang symphony at siempre mapapansin mo ito at mawawala ka sa concentration.

Katulad na lang ng nangyari sa conversation naming magkapatid. Isang araw habang nagbabalitaktakan kami ng aking kapatid kong si traumaphobic tungkol sa lip treatment mula sa Shu Uemura, sapatos na gawa ni Manolo Blahnik, gloves mula sa chanel, mga damit na dinesenyo ni Justin Timberlake at sa kagandahan ng matroshka doll may biglang sumingit sa background that really snatched away my attention from our meaningful conversation.

the conversation goes like this

Me: ngorks! ngorks! Zoom! Zoom! La.. la.. la.. Labamba..

Traumaphobic: Far han bin baha rawu noor lemy bin sali mand mdap pandi bin elmi

Me: hahaha Chuva chuva eclavu pang tong kheng kim seng wek wek

Traumaphobic: mohd ariff b wata tham zhiwen sapie bin shada wee bakar

(in the background, my mother screamed)

Ina: tsan! sabihin mo kay Kuya ibili nya ako ng Wii!!!

for a moment there, nailipat ang attention ko sa sinabi ng nanay ko...

Wii??!! anung alam nya sa wii? Knowing how wii works, sa behavior ng nanay ko at ang kanyang unsinkable maniacal laugh, parang naimagine ko na mas mag-eenjoy yung taong makakapanood sa kanya habang ginagawa ng nanay ko yung mga maneuvers sa Wii.

Nakita pala nya yung wii sa SM Mall of Dasma at kung paano ito pinapagana kaya nagustuhan niya kung paano nilalaro ito. sabagay nakaka-enjoy naman talaga ang wii, pero di ko ma-imagine talaga ang nanay ko na nakikipag-espadahan habang tumatalon with matching tili at halakhak. Yan pala naging side-effect ng chemotherapy sa kanya.

Mga magulang nga naman sa panahon ngayong information age eh iba na. Dati sa edad nila, kumukuha na sila dapat ng short courses para mag-gantsilyo at proper posture sa pag-upo sa tumba-tumba tapos ngayon alam na alam mga latest sa technology at gaming industry.

Pero siempre yun na lang kaligayahan ng Nanay ko kaya eto ako gagawa ng paraan.

Sige, magtatrabaho na ako para maka-ipon pambili ng Wii.



yung pag-uusap namin ng kapatid ko eh sinadya ko na i-encrypt, masyado kasing disturbing at personal ang pinag-usapan namin.

hwag nyo sanang isiping weird kami mag-usap.


Isa sa pinakamagandang propesyon ang pagtuturo. Kahit maliit ang kita, malaki naman ang unseen benefits na naidudulot nito sa isang professor.

Nandyan ang galangin ka ng mga estudyante mo, ang maging dalubhasa sa larangan na itinuturo mo, ang maging idol ng mga estudyante, automatic contact sa friendster, multiply, facebook, plurk, zoodango, zorpia, tagged at kung anu ano pa. Bukod pa roon, nakakasabay ka sa tugtog ng panahon dahil sa puro mga kabataan ang tinuturuan mo.

Hindi ko tuloy maiwasan ang sariwain ang mga nakaraan kong GIG sa La Salle Dasma.

Opening ng Class
Me: Class, 11:30am - 2:30pm is our official class time, pwede sa klase ko ang ma-late, kahit 1 oras kayo late wala akong pakealam, basta dapat exactly 11:30am nandito na kayo sa loob ng laboratory.

During Birthday
Student: Sir Fred, B-day po ni Juan ngayon.
Me: (ico-confirm sa student database para di madaya) Ok, class, One, two, three *insert happy b-day song* Get one whole sheet of Yellow Paper may surprise quiz tayo ngayon! Juan as gift to your bday, exempted ka at panoorin mong nagdudusa mga classmates mo. Essay type quiz!

Paano ko napapanatili ang no cheating tuwing lab exam? Simple Four Sets of exam tapos naka-assign pa ang bawat set sa mga student.

During Class...
Me: class, kung hindi nyo naiintindihan ang topic hwag kayong mahihiyang magtanong. Karapatan ninyo ang matuto at mas lalawak pa ang kaalamanan natin sa pamamagitan ng pagtatanungan.
Student: Sir, anu nga po uli yung *insert any computer programming question here*
Me: (nakalimutan yung topic, kailangan ng panahon para mag-analyze) Yan kasi tatanung-tanong hindi nakikinig, sinabi ko na yan last time ah? siguro absent ka? Hindi ko na uulitin ito ha kaya makinig ka.

During Lab Exam.
Me: Ok class since, pina-practice natin ang real world scenario, open notes, open books, you can browse the internet but you cannot browse your classmates computer. (ganyan ako kabait)

After Class
Student: Oi Sir, mag-online ka mamaya sa YM may tatanong ako sa inyo.
Me: Ok :) (to myself) walandyo! kulang na lang "And that's an order!"

Namimiss ko ang pagtuturo at ang pagtalak-talak ko sa loob ng klase.

Namimiss ko ang naghahanap sa akin sa opisina ng ITC para magtanung ng sagot sa assignment na binigay ko.

O kaya ang makipagkwentuhan sa student ko kahit ang deadline ng trabaho ko eh 5 mins past na.

Namimiss ko ang mga suhol ng students ko makapasa lang sila!

Ang dami kong iniwan...

Ibalik nyo na ako Pilipinas!!!!!!!
On the second thought, sweldo na namin next week... mas masaya na ulit dito...