Friday, March 9, 2012

Macho Supplements

Admit it, everyone needs help, even your muscles... and one way to do it is to pump up some iron and take up some supplements.

I stumbled upon this NutriFirst Store in Paya Lebar one time during my search for CREATINE powder in the internet. I thought at first that I won't be needing to shop in here since I am already a member of GNC, where I frequently buy my supplement needs. However as I browse through the site, I found out that they sell a wide array of products all about health and fitness. SCHWEETT!!!!

Also they sell each product way cheaper than GNC, like waaayyyy cheaper, even with the discounted price. Plus, NutriFirst do online shopping with free delivery and Cash on Delivery service! CONVENIENTE!!!

Here are the supplements that I bought in Nutrifirst. Believe me it's not much and it's not that expensive. If I bought this in GNC the price might be more than double and I might be broke for several weeks.

Now I'm excited to go SPARTAN and do HARDCORE workouts!