Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ayan kasi... Please stop it! Im beginning to be addicted

Mom Dad!

I'm starting to be addicted with this blog

Ayan kasi... This is the last

This will be my last post about you!

Nothing is happening yet between us and I'm receiving problems right now...

It's done...


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ayan kasi... Badtrip Day!

Kainis talaga oh



lahat na!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Ayan kasi... PHUCKER NAMAN Oh

Grabe, natitiis ko pa yung mga tao na tumitingin sa multiply account kahit di na sila nag-iiwan ng message. Ok lang yun eh...

Pero grabe parang di ko naman kaya yung nakitingin ka na tapos di ka na nag-iwan ng comment tapos hahanapan ka pa ng mga pictures na gusto nilang makita...

tapos sasabihin pa na "Ah yan lang yung maayos na kuha?"

Bitch, anu ka ba? hindi ganoon kadali mag-edit ng pictures no, ang hirap kayang isa isahin yun...


emo lang kainis kasi....

napaka judgemental kaagad...


mas masaya talaga makasama ang mga open-minded na tao...

hirap naman kasi sabihin na open-minded pero ang panatilihin at gawin ganun ang sarili eh hindi madali.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ayan kasi... Students, I Love Them

Not the dirty way you idiot hahahahaha

as I had told you yesterday, my ASP .NET Class had ended with a long quiz. Well right now let me share you some of my teachings to my students.

* OK Class pass it on a one whole sheet of yellow paper... this is funny, all of my students rush to get a whole sheet. Some have them, some need to asks someone for a paper but the funny part is how they rush to get their ballpen and speedily write a thousands of code on the paper. Someone told me. "Sir nakakangawit naman tong pinapagawa nyo (Sir your exercise is tiresome.)" and I happily answered back. "Eh kasi naman kayo, wala naman akong sinabi na isulat nyo yang pagkahaba habang code jan sa yellow paper, bakit di nyo kaya i-copy and paste yang ginawa nyos a Microsoft word then ipaprint nyo. magkano lang ba ang paprint? 2 pesos lang si ba? (It's your fault, I didn't say right it on the paper, you can actually copy your codes and paste it in Microsoft word document then print it somewhere. How much does it cost? around two pesos isin't it?)" Hahahaha And then they all opened their Microsoft word and did what I suggested although some students still sticked on writing.

* Long Quiz, I have given them a problem that includes so many items. And again... cramming... I got irritated because it will take a long time for them to complete it. I want to end the class early so I can rest early and longer. So I blurted out to them "Di kayo marunong ng teamwork no? ba't di kaya magkasundo kayo na isa na lang gagawa ng database then share all the load of programming each page (You don't know anything about teamwork students? why not chose one person who will create the databse then share the load of programming each module?)" But this time they are shock from disbelief. They didn't expect to hear that from their professor. Well, it just slip out of my tongue hahahaha.

Sometimes, I want to start a student organization that will think all the clever ways of coming up with a nice and cool strategy of cheating. hahahahaha.... It would be nice to see numerous techniques of cheating used by students. Professors will be shocked!

I always believe that people who knows clever ways to get around a situation are the ones who will thrive in the future. The students, who are book smart, are also going to thrive but they are the ones who are being abuse by the street wise people. Exhausting all their knowledge until the company have run out their use. Cruel isn't? but that's the way of corporate life. Everyone is using everyone to survive hehehehe.

Another Post Another Shit! Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ayan kasi... The end has come

I am very thankful for this day.

Finally, my ASP .NET Classes had ended. Though, most of the classes end theirs by picture taking and small to very tiny parties inside the classroom, I ended with a long quiz. hahahaha

Well, I need
I am very thankful for this day.

Finally, my ASP .NET Classes had ended. Though, most of the classes end theirs by picture taking and small to very tiny parties inside the classroom, I ended with a long quiz. hahahaha

Well, I need scores to pass them and they can't afford to party yet since they still have their portal , a project from their other professor, to finish. In short they are still in their toxic moments. Cram Cram Cram for the last project!

I have discovered why I'm feeling so sad everyday or at least why am I feeling down. I'm dieting, normally if one is undergoing the process of losing some weight, you'll also lose other things in your body, like body sugar, etc. So to make it short, I'm doing fine, just a little bit of emotional.

I got news from my older sister. She had finally ordered the clarins summer product and will be given to me in March 15. The day before my trip, yes! and I will be getting it from her colleagues who will arrive on the same day. What a perfect timing for fetching people from the airport. But I'll do everything in my power to get that clarins before my trip. No matter what! So help me God.

One load off my back finally I can do more researching now.

Time to read more about photographing buildings and interior. I'll be gone during the lenten season and most of my trip will be composed of visiting churches in Iloilo and Antique and Capiz and Aklan. There are numerous historical churches in those regions so better ready my cam. I must top the pictures I've taken in Paoay (which I found very beautiful, sorry hehehe).

I have this book on photography that I supposed to bring this morning to have some reading during lunch but suddenly my aunt has somewhat hidden it again from plain view. But I'll definitely going to find it and have some reading about taking shots of people and buildings and beaches.

It will be a reading hell week next week plus packing days will start on monday up to saturday. One by one I'll pack the things I'll be bringing on my trip. I don't want to cram like I did before. I have learned my lessons well. hehehe. I must not forget a single tiny detail.

Goodluck to me ^_^

All you have to do is beg

so tired today,,,

i love and hate thursday.

please notify me if you have a problem,

ang you'll regret it...