Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ME and the List


Birthday ko at siempre dahil kaarawan ko pinigilan ko ang sarili ko na sumulyap sa Facebook dahil para mabigyan ko naman ang sarili ko ng break sa pagtingin sa picture ng kinahuhumahingan ko hahaha!

Anyways, Saktong alas dose ng gabi eh tiningnan ko ang sarili ko sa salamin kung may madadagdag ba sa akin bukod sa taon. Inabot ako ng 2 am ng kakahintay walang nagpapop sa katawan ko na something new, like panibagong kamay, ulo, buntot, pakpak o panibagong sungay.

At dahil sa frustration ko sa kakahintay, I wrote a list of something about myself.

- - -

20 Things about me.

1. I'm always POSITIVE.

2. I don't like eating burgers.

3. I like candies and chocolates.

4. I prefer Ice Cream over Cake.

5. I love spicy foods. The SPICIER the BETTER!

6. I hate Mang Tomas Sauce! Ewww!!!!

7. I travel a lot. I wish I have a travel buddy.

8. I hate comedy movies. I love watching horror films. I rewind.

9. I love comedy movies. I hate watching horror films. And I watch with the subtitle ON.

10. Extreme Rides in the theme park makes me happy.

11. I have a very low tolerance in alcohol. So I don't drink as much as possible.

12. I hate making people wait but I can wait patiently for anyone.

13. I read Philosophy themed novels. My favorite author is Ayn Rand.

14. Working out has been part of my weekly life and I enjoy outdoor activities.

15. I'm a good shopping buddy but I do my shopping alone.

16. Simple gift makes me blush. Give me Pilot G-Tec C4 and I will cherish it forever.

17. I prefer to have a conversation in a coffee shop than partying in the club. We'll do the partying later.

18. I'm a sucker for corny jokes or any kinds of it. I suck at delivering jokes ='(

19. I'm ticklish.

20. I'm impulsive and spontaneous.

- - - -

With the list I wrote, can anyone please find me someone?

I promise to be a good boyfriend.

I'll treat you good, I have PS3.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year End Review

Year: 2010

- Natapos ang contract ko sa Credit Suisse sa Private Banking (No work in SG Repeat)
- No work again! I have 30 days to find a new job or else, bye bye SG.
- My Permanent Resident Status Application was APPROVED!!! (Thank You Lord!!!) The best blessing to start my year!
- To celebrate, I bought an iMAC!

- BUM MONTH, my life revolves around applying for work, sleeping, eating, watching movies, series, sleeping, eating, more eating.
- No room for self-pitying!
-I got accepted as a consultant in DBS Bank (kita mo yon, may naloko ako!)

- My first time to work in the CITY. WTF!!! It's so crazy!!!
- I had the best job with the best career path but it comes with the WORST BOSS and Awful Colleagues! You can't have it all.

- I learned the word STRESS, DEPRESSION and MURDER! Yes Murder! I want to murder a person that time!
- My vacation leave served as my downfall and salvation.

- My Schengen Visa was APPROVED! YEHEY! HOLA EUROPA!!!!
- I got fired from my work because of my leave! FCUK! May 30 is my last day.
- I was finally released from a grueling two year contract working in DBS.
- May 30, I got accepted in Credit Suisse as a QA Automator! Woohoo! I have work when I get back from vacay!

- HAPPIEST MONTH! EUROPE! EUROPE! Italy! Spain! France! Belgium! Germany! I want to go Back!!!!
- My most memorable moment in Europe, I got lost in Germany and had to ask for directions using a self-made sign language. It sucks but it RAWKS!!!

- Back from vacation. Back in Credit Suisse!!! Back in Behdix Lunch!!!
- New Job! Totally Zero Idea about my job function.
- Transitioning from DEV job to QA job is not that hard when you have friends and a supportive teammates.

- DOMAN Quarterly Regression! Zero idea about the products that needs to be tested and yet somehow with the help of Ice, Cleo, May and Makris I pulled it through.
- I declared at this time that I am working in a good company under a good boss in a good team assigned to challenging stream and working with the best people.
- At the end of the month, I had a little online fling (PSEUDO LOVE LIFE).

- At the second half of the month, I ended the fling. The feeling is weird, it is as if I am making out with either a phone or my iMac.
- Corny as it may sound... what we have doesn't have a future but sorry for hurting you.
- Another dark/sad part in my life.

- Quarterly Regression again but instead of feeling stress out, I felt HAPPY hahaha busy days.
- I bought a 42 inch TV (di kalma sa laki) for a very cheap price c/o Ponch, Charms, Ice and Bens. This is my first birthday gift to me.
- I started attending Outrigger Canoe Training in Sentosa
- Tan Skinned Antoni (I LOVE!!!!)

- YEAR ENDER HAPPIEST MONTH!!! On par with June!
- So many parties inside CS! HWOW!!!
- Behdix Christmas Party in Shangri La RAWKS!!!
- Room5 Christmas Dinner ROLLS!
- Best Christmas Eve Dinner with Housemates
- Tons of GIFTS! Shopping!
- Birthday ko -_- Plus one in my Age.

The year hasn't ended yet but I'm still going to say that I had a good 2010. I had my up and down moments but I had/have fun doing it. I enjoyed 2010!

The Lord has given me a good year, all of my prayers were answered and I learned all the lessons that He wants me to learn. I have nothing to ask for... well except for Love Life hahaha please Lord! PLEASE!!! Give me Your divine blessing! I know I can be a good boyfriend. hahahaha

So friends, readers(if there are) Let's all look forward for a happier New Year! Let's not ask 2011 to be good for us, instead, with the help of our Lord, let's make 2011 good for us.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kailan ba ulit ako last na nagpost ng entry dito?

Ang tagal no?

enjoy kasi ang buhay kaya nakakalimutan ang online world.

- - - -

I have to say goodbye, temporarily, to my camera.

my brother will use it for his photoshoots next year.

I am now thinking of buying an s95 camera and I know where to get the money.

- - - -

ang dami na namin sa lunch.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Long long time

Welcome Back!!!

…to me

well, well, ano na nag ba nangyari?

hhhmmm… to start

I had a trip to Europe, Western Europe haha

anyway later na yan.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I hate/love Credit Suisse

Apat na buwan, akala ko lilipas lang yun na parang wala lang.

Apat na buwan, nakuha ko ang PR Status ko (shet bakit ba ako nag-PR?)

Apat na buwan, nag-work ako sa credit suisse.

Apat na buwan, I hit my head on the wall to finish 3 brain wrecking application.

but it only took me 2.5 months to gain GOOD friends here in Singapore.

I thought it will never happen to me again, but God prove me wrong.


I'm going to miss eating lunch with you =')

Now, I am alone again . . .