Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blogging in iPad

Now I can blog with my iPad.

My birthday is coming up and I still don't know what to do on the 29th. I'm thinking of celebrating it or just do it my way just like what I did every year.

Anyway just checking up in my blog.



I eat slowly now. 2012 resolution ACHIEVE!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Double-Edge Question

I spent my last two weeks of December 2011 in the Philippines. My first time after three years of being away from home.

One fine morning as I walked briskly to our dining area to enjoy a homemade breakfast, c/o my Auntie Luz, there I found my mother enjoying her morning chuckling over a lifestyle magazine. I let her be as I was very excited to have breakfast at our home in DasmariƱas, Cavite.

And then, out of no where, my mom, true to form for being unpredictable, asked me a question I didn't imagine she will asked me one day...

Mama: Ton, anak, nakikipagsex ka ba sa Singapore? (Ton, son, are you having sex in Singapore?)

Me: *I crossed my arms and looked at her* Say what?!

Mama: Oo o hindi, virgin ka pa ?(Yes or No, are you still a virgin?)

See kids, this is a double-edge question. If I answer NO, I will be subject of further interrogation which can lead to me being an endless topic of my parents over dinner. If I answer YES, it's as if I'll say to my Mom that his son is a fcuking LOSER. I'll be a laughing stock of my father.

Perpetual Humiliation on my part!

Mortified by the words of my mother, all I can reply to her was...

Me: It's something PRIVATE! *I looked away*

That's when my Auntie blurted out

Auntie: si TonTon may tinatago sa atin *grins*(TonTon is hiding something from us *grins*)

Mama : di nga Ton? Magkwento ka naman ( Really Ton? Come on share your stories)

This is when I transferred seats from our dining room to our living room where I watched TV while eating (in which by the way, I'm not fond of) just to avoid the two women who can shake me to my very core, without even trying.

But after realizing what had happened, I know that my heart was home again.

- - - -

The night of April 26, I received a news from my sister. A kind of news I never expected I'll come across with.

Mama and Papa were in a vehicular accident in Ternate, Cavite along the Kamatayan Bridge(press here to know the translation). The jeep that my father was driving suddenly lose the breaks and rolled over three times, missing a two or three meters away from falling down the cliff. 

They're ok now, although they suffered minor injuries, they are still as sharp as a tack. 

And after what had happened, I'm thank the Lord for keeping them safe and saving them from death.

Moreover, I am happy that when I come home this 17, I will still have that kind conversation with my parents.

I still have them in my life. I can still share everything to them. I still have a chance to make them happier.

I love you Ma and Pa.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why 'Everything is going to be Okay' is a bad advice.

One fine afternoon, I had a chat with my good friend about her worries in the coming months, such as her status in her new life in Australia, her relationship status with her Aussie boyfriend, her career in her company, and many other to name a few.

At first I was blissfully unaware of her worries but as she stated one by one her problems that is coming her way, it made clear to me that uncertainty of her future is brewing in the horizon. In a nutshell, to her it'll be either success or fail, happiness or sadness, stone or no stone, 1 or 0, to gain all or to lose all.

Overwhelmed with her problems and pressured from the support responsibilities of my job, all I could reply to her was a straight-forward cliche of "you shouldn't worry, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY."




Is it??????

The moment it left me, it echoed in my mind how a failure of a friend I am to her when I blurted that out. That all I could say to her is an assurance, based on nothing, that everything will be fine. In which, by all honesty, I don't know how it will turn out to be okay. It's as if I just told her that just to shut her up, which is not my intention. What my intention is to make her feel secured no matter what happens in the end. I guess, I chose the wrong words.

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY... Is such a detached phrase. It's like saying, shut up and stop worrying about some trivial matters. It's like blocking her up and leaving her alone to deal with her problems.

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY... doesn't show sympathy or care towards my friend who probably is being mentally tortured by the negative thoughts in her mind, whether or not it is self-induced.

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY... will not make everything ok, neither it will magically solve her problems.

So Mamang (our nickname/pet name to her), I may not have the answer to your problems and I may not give the most sensible advice to quench all your worries, but sweetie, let me take back my words and say this. I don't know what will happen, whether life will favor you or screw you, I will be standing or sitting beside you, drinking away your happiness or sadness like we always do.

I promise you, no matter what happens, I WILL BE HERE...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Macho Supplements

Admit it, everyone needs help, even your muscles... and one way to do it is to pump up some iron and take up some supplements.

I stumbled upon this NutriFirst Store in Paya Lebar one time during my search for CREATINE powder in the internet. I thought at first that I won't be needing to shop in here since I am already a member of GNC, where I frequently buy my supplement needs. However as I browse through the site, I found out that they sell a wide array of products all about health and fitness. SCHWEETT!!!!

Also they sell each product way cheaper than GNC, like waaayyyy cheaper, even with the discounted price. Plus, NutriFirst do online shopping with free delivery and Cash on Delivery service! CONVENIENTE!!!

Here are the supplements that I bought in Nutrifirst. Believe me it's not much and it's not that expensive. If I bought this in GNC the price might be more than double and I might be broke for several weeks.

Now I'm excited to go SPARTAN and do HARDCORE workouts!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Butter and Scrubs

In the past three or five days, I make sure that I am marinated with body butter before going to slumber land. Body butter is what you put in your body during the night to keep you moisturize for at least 24 hours. It's thicker that your normal lotion and it's most effective after taking a body scrub. By the way cold temperature can easily dry our skin.

My friendship with body butter came into being when my gal friend, Jhona, made me try her Bath and Body Works' Secret Wonderland Body Butter. One application to my skin made me puke rainbows!!! Me mucho mucho mucho gusto!

However, Bath and Body Works is not available here in Singapore (ouerh... DAMN!) but we manage to order online thru their website. So, it's just a matter of time before I get my hands on it. La La La La La La!

For the time being, another of my gal friend Rhiamar, researched an alternative brand that we can use while waiting for the golden egg. She introduced to us Bali Ratih Body Scrub and Body Butter. Well, she found this online store that sells this products the are being manufactured in Bali Indonesia. Hence, the name.

I ordered their Almond Nut Body Scrub and Body Butter for the simple reason that I don't like fruity/flowery scent in my body. Don't get me wrong, I like it with girls but I don't like it in my body even though I'll only be using it at night.

Each costs around 8 SGD, free delivery if you'll order a certain number of their products. There are several more flavor from Bali Ratih and according to them Olive is their best seller. If you are interested, just ping me and I'll ping you their website. I kinda forgot.

I plan to exfoliate three times a week while I apply the body butter every night after I clean myself before going to bed. This will make your room smelling so good and it will leave you with a soft smooth skin the morning after. You'll be feeling like a baby waking up in the morning.

Now, if you are planning to buy some upscale products, try the ones from The Body Shop. For my preference, I bought the Shea flavored Body Scrub and Body Butter. The Shea nut is perfect for people with dry skin. You'll notice it with their scrub which has a very rough granules perfect for hard skin polishing. The Shea Body Butter is LOVE! It's like slathering your skin with Nutella!

The Scrub and Butter cost 30 SGD each but if you are a member of The Body Shop, you'll get 10% discount for every purchase. If you are lucky, you'll get 25% off.

So there, those were the scrubs and butter I use to quench my thirst for Bath and Body Works. Currently I used the Bali Ratih since I am intrigue with the product's effectiveness and affordability. So far it's doing good, three days after using it I can already see the effects to my skin.

Be good to your skin, after all it's the largest organ of our body and who doesn't want to feel and look good?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Start Small

September when Rhia blurted out "Ay ba't ganyan skin mo?! Maglotion ka!" (Why's your skin like that? Put lotion on your skin!)

Yep! I didn't realized how dry my skin was until Rhia pointed it out, while we were waiting for the MRT going to Marina Bay Station. My siblings too have always reminded me to take care of my skin, being a hardheaded brother as I am, I didn't listen to them. Plus it's a tiring process to add "taking-care-of--your-skin" to my everyday life.

Mind you, it's hard to inject a new habit into your system. Especially when this habit involves putting sticky substance into my skin. Plus, the hot weather of Singapore adds to the discomfort it may bring to my body. I hate slimy sweat!

And I know how frustrating and disappointing it is to fail in a habit you want to add in your life. Failing is very expensive (time, effort and money are wasted) and no one wants to afford that. Especially ME!

So what I did, I start small. I did it little by little.

First, I apply a very thin portion to my chest. I did it for several days until my skin is comfortable with the lotion as if it wasn't there at all.

Then I add more areas of my body, one at a time. From my chest I included my shoulders, then my back, my stomach, my arms then so on and so forth. I did it until my upper body is fully moisturized.

So what am I saying is that whenever you want to acquire a new habit or a new skill perhaps, it's better to start small and increase the intensity little by little. Also, it doesn't matter in where you will start. The important thing is, you START somewhere.

So now, I'm loving the changes/improvement that I am seeing in my skin brought by my new habit of applying lotion to my body. I'm working out my body to add more years to my life, why not take care of my skin to add more elasticity in it?

Find a habit, start small and work things out little by little until you achieved your goal.

Monday, January 9, 2012

What I want for 2012

I want to have DATES!

Take note of the S! PLURAL men!

You read it right, I want to have many dates this 2012 and I wish to have it with the same person over and over again. Hopefully.

The type of date which is let's get-to-know-each-other-over-coffee-let's-go-see-a-movie-or-let's-go-travel-somewhere-and-have-an-awesome-sex-afterwards kinda thing.

Mahirap bang hilingin/gawin yun?

And my new year resolution for 2012 is to eat my food slowly.

what's yours?