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Monday, March 21, 2011

Postcards and Letters

My housemates, Spica and JP, introduced me to this hobby of sending postcards whenever I travel. Before, I thought that this kind of hobby promotes boasting of one's luxury of traveling, but as I see it now, sending postcards to your loved ones, friends and colleagues shows that you remember them and they are part of your thoughts wherever you are.

With postcards, you tell everyone that wherever you are, you want to share to them a piece of happiness that you are experiencing during that very moment.

My trip to Vietnam and Cambodia gave me an opportunity to send some to the people that I want to remember and I want to say thanks to. Also with this hobb,y I get to practiced writing of some of my thoughts and share it with my friends.

Below are some of my favorites that I have written and sent to the Philippines, USA and Singapore. I have obscured the name and address of the recipient for privacy reasons.

Ok, I have might miss sending out to some people, but please bear with me, sending one postcard is not cheap and I'll be going around Asia this year, so to those who won't received one, please wait, I'll send you one next time.

If you want me to send you a postcard, give me your address and I'll be happy to get in touch thru postcards.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bono and Rand

Before heading home I went to ION Orchard to window shop for a camera bag for my new Leica, but instead I ended up buying books from Borders in Wheelock.

de Bono and Rand, I'm your number one fan
I wasn't planning to buy books at that time but I would never again say pass for their works since their books are very scarce in the Philippines and it's the last piece here.

After the failed window shopping, I went home to put on covers to my other pending books.

Just like my PS3, I need to catch up on literary works too

I also took the burden of covering Jhona's books which consist of mostly Dan Brown's novel. I recommended to her De Bono's book but she bought it because she thought that the cover is nice.

To Jhona: Thank you for letting me stay in your house last January.
The mundane things followed after that.

The List of Books
1. Philosophy: Who needs it by Ayn Rand
2. We the Living by Ayn Rand
3. Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono
4. Tactics by Edward de Bono
5. This book does not exist by Michael Picard and Gary Hayden
6. Nudge by Richard H. Taler7. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Thursday, February 24, 2011

To do list

1. Fixed the layout of this blog.
2. Setup my Flickr Photosteam.
3. Make a profile picture.
4. Think of a new name for my blog.
5. Think of a theme for this year.

Suggestions are welcome?

Now the work starts.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet Aysing on Top

I will let the pictures speak for itself.

I saw Ice's post on twitter.

Intrigue about the SwissMiss, I inquired about the matter

And she answered back...

and in the morning, Ice gave me this

After performing some rhythmic voodoo...

The finish product

FINDINGS: Delicious! I feel like "RICH" now (har! har! har! har!)

Thank you Ice! hindi ka na bully, sweet ka na hahaha

I miss eating marshmallows.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mabilisang Chismax!

Friday and Saturday, Feb 18-19, 2011, nag back-to-back movie ako with my back-to-back friends na nagbobook ng Back-To-Back Trades (officemates).

Anyway, yung mga movie na 'to eh definitely napanood nyo na dahil lahat ito eh available na for downloads or video streaming sa internet. Subalit, ako ay may paniniwala na may mga pelikula na dapat pinapanood sa sinehan. Ito ay sa kadahilanang,

1.) Aircon sa sinehan,
2.) Madilim sa sinehan,
3.) May upuan sa sinehan,
4.) Malaki ang tv sa sinehan at
5.) Maganda ang vibe ng tawanan, takutan, iyakan, kiligan at tsismisan sa sinehan.

Seating Arrangement, oo issue ito sa amin dahil sa mga filipino ang kasama ko hindi maiiwasan na maingay, makulit at overreacting ang mga pinoy kapag nasa sinehan. True! kaya siempre para maiwasan ang unahan, agawan, awayan, rape, hipuan at upang walang mainjury, nagbunutan kami ng aming upuan.

1. Blue - React kung React! Mabasag na moment mo magrereact ako! yan si Blue!
2. Jhona - babaeng blue, tawa ng tawa sa scene kahit wala namang nakakatawa.
3. Angeli - Dog Person, mahilig mag-rollover sa upuan, hongkolet hindi mapirmi.
4. Makriz - absorb sa movie, sinusulit ang 300 pesos na binayad.
5. Antoni - absorb sa movie, english kailangan ng concentration.


Black Swan

Seating Arrangement: Antoni - Makris - Jhona - Angeli
COMMENT: This is the perfect example of a bida na di kaya ang pressure ng pagiging bida. Potek ang ganda ni Mila Kunis! Gusto ko siyang iuwi pagsayawin habang kumakain ako.
NOTE: Wala si Blue, di kaya ng brain cells nya ang Black Swan dahil isa siyang Black Sheep.

127 Hours

Seating Arrangement:
Antoni - Makris - Jhona - Angeli - Blue
COMMENT: Ang ganda ng paa at talampakan ni James Franco! Gusto ko nung lugar kung saan siya natrap, secluded at parang di mainit hahaha.

Just Go with it

Seating Arrangement:
Jhona - Makris - Blue - Ako - Angeli
COMMENT: Sulit ang 300 pesos! May natutunan akong bagong paraan sa pangbablackmail, pagsisinungaling at pakikipagnegotiate. Ang ganda pa rin ni Nicole Kidman!

The Rite

Seating Arrangement:
Antoni - Makris - Jhona - Angeli - Blue
COMMENT: totally disappointing! Una di ako naniniwala sa possession, pangalawa hindi ako katoliko at pangatlo yung young priest di marunong umarte. Yung arte ni Anthony Hopkins nung napossess eh same ng character niya bilang Hannibal Lecter minus the creapy voice.

A total of 1200 pesos ang nagastos namin para sa movie, hindi pa kasama dinner at ecstasy jan. Masarap talaga manood ng sine lalo na kapag yung crowd eh maligaya. Mareact din naman mga singaporeans pero iba pa rin ang pinoy kung magreact kasi may halong feelings.

Nood ulit tayo movie, yung Filipino Comedy naman!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Me, Blue, Jhona, Makriz and Angeli decided to see a movie last friday and since Singapore is lacking quality movies right now, we picked Burlesque. Actually gusto ko talagang makita at suportahan si Ninang Cher! Hi Ninang!

Unang makita ko sa STAGE si NINANG with a performance, talaga namang PLANGAK pa rin sa kagandahan! BIDA!!! Patron ka pa rin ng sangKABAKLAAN at dapat awardan ka for best in makeup dahil nagawa mong magmukhang 30 years old despite na 64 ka na. BONGGA!

On to the movie, what I like about the movie is not the plot, well obviously, but the lessons it tells about STEPPING UP and making it on your own. In the world that I live, stepping up is part of our daily work life.

There are three scene in the movie that I like.

1.) During the audition of Ali(Christina) to be a replacement for a dancer who got pregnant with his boyfriend. Ali is demanding Tess for an answer in which the latter told her that no one can give her the answer, if Ali wants to be a dancer then show everyone that she is a dancer or something to that effect. Just like in our life, kung gusto natin umasenso then pakita natin sa lahat yung gusto natin, stop running around in circles asking everyone for answers dahil kahit sila naghahanap din ng kasagutan.

2.) Tess to Ali "You're not always the New Girl". Tama, laging merong bago at meron darating na mas magaling sa atin. Anu dapat gawin? we must evolve and step to the next level. Hwag kang huminto sa iisang lugar, always seek for improvements para kapag dumating si New Girl or New Guy hindi ka mathethreaten. Tandaan, ang mga bago ang gagawa ng mga dati mong trabaho kaya dapat ikaw hahanap ka naman ng bagong gagawin, magsawa ka naman no.

3. When the curtain is about to fall instead of cowering, Ali used that opportunity to turn the tides on her favor(SING-GALORE!). We must see every good and bad thing as an opportunity and work it in our favor else we will regret to losing that shot and what will be left for us are only "what ifs"

Hindi dahil sa singing and dancing ako nahumaling sa movie na kahit tawa ng tawa yung katabi ko, I mustered my strength to focus on the movie (sayang yung bayad, ang mahal mahal). Kaya ayan ang dahilan kung bakit gusto ko yung burlesque. at wala akong pakealam sa mga reviews na yan dahil mas gusto ko na ako ang magjudge kung maganda o hindi.

Biruin mo may kinapulutan akong aral sa movie na sayawan at kantahan. hahaha

Thursday, January 20, 2011


People make things complicated, or at least will give you ideas that will make you go nuts, when you mention one thing to them. What do I mean by that? Well as you all know (as if may nagbabasa ng blog ko) my life is based here in Singapore and one thing that keeps me from going to the Philippines is that I have no place to stay there.

I still have my parents and they still have their house, the downside is, they lived in DasmariƱas, Cavite where getting there would take at least 2-4 hours because of the awful traffic flow in Aguinaldo Highway. The upside is, we live near Tagaytay, yihee!

Anyway, I mentioned to some of my friends and family the idea of owning a condo unit somewhere in Manila just so I have a place to stay whenever I am in the area. Some of their reactions are:

Grace: Naku F___, hwag na Condo kasi kung lumindol at gumuho yung building, nasan na property mo?
Me: Sabagay most of the condos in Manila gawa sa kawayan.

Patrick: Sa Serendra? hwag na dun super baba ng ceiling nila, ambisyosa yung units dun.
Me: Ang tangkad mo naman kasi, sa height ko mataas na yun.

Me: Sa fort area na lang kaya?
Rhona: binabaha sa area na yun eh, although maganda rin yung naidudulot ng baha sa condo sa fort.
Me: (puzzled) bakit naman?
Rhona: ... lumalabas kasi yung mga gwapo hihihihi

Sir John: Yes, kumuha ka sa area ng U-Belt tapos parentahan mo sa mga estudyante dun para yung renta eh yun ang pambabayad mo monthly. Since bata ka pa dapat ang inuuna mong bilhin eh yung mga property, yung may value hindi puro damit at laruan.
Me: (feeling batang napagalitan)

Mama: bakit ayaw mo nang tumira dito anak? Ayaw mo na sa amin ng Papa mo?
Me: (irritated) dun ka tumira habang nasa SG ako!
Mama: (delighted) Yung malapit sa Mall ang kuhanin natin tsaka yung may Veranda.

Ate: Akala ko ba mag-ma-migrate ka na sa ibang bansa tapos bibili ka ng property dito? Paano mo ididispose yan?!

And the list goes on...

Most of them are convincing me to buy a house and lot instead of a 1 or 2 room condo unit. To me, maintaing a house will be too much for me since, as I said, I live here in Singapore and I don't want to trouble my parents for doing that responsibility since they have their own problems to deal with.

Yes, it's fun in Manila but if I have no place there I wouldn't want to tire myself from going back and forth from Cavite to Manila everytime there is a happening. Patrick, my bestfriend, is offering his pad but being an Introvert, I want a place where I can be alone with my thoughts.

Lord, wala na nga akong LOVELIFE pati ba naman Place to stay? Help me naman!

Actually, I have a choice. I just need to be in control with it.

- - - -

By the way, I'm still suffering from the flu and dry cough I got from my trip back home.

*cough* *cough* *cough*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


January 15, 2010. The date of Ponch and Charms wedding.

To sum up, all the gang went home to be a witness to one of our friends' most special event in their life. The wedding was celebrated in The Shrine of Jesus and the reception was held in Manila Peninsula. (SOSYAL!)

I can't think of any words to describe the wedding, all I can think of is it was beautiful, it says everything about the bride and the groom. It was elegant and beautiful just like Charms and fun and handsome just like Ponch. That's it.

Just how all the wedding should be, all about the bride, the groom, their life and their love.

Below are the pictures taken during the wedding.

L-R (me, Jhona, Charms, Melanie and Blue)
At the church with the behdix girls (Jhona, Ice, Am and Lanie)
Los Companeros (Blue, Chilley, Benford and Me)
waiting for the ceremony to begin
At the Manila Pen (we are the tank!)
Behdix United!
At our table (late kami dumating)
partida lahat kami may migraine ng gabing yan pero purfek smile pa rin
Behdix Boys!
With Jhona my porn benefactor joke!
with Adrian and Mitch (The resemblance is uncanny)
Icy Banana (do I look cool?)
I told AM she's a goddess in that dress!
parang kailan lang...
Happy Days!
Congrats Ponch and Charms!
Sino kaya ang susunod? hhhmmm....

Thanks to Irish, Blue, AM and Jhona for the pics.
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