Sunday, February 5, 2012

Butter and Scrubs

In the past three or five days, I make sure that I am marinated with body butter before going to slumber land. Body butter is what you put in your body during the night to keep you moisturize for at least 24 hours. It's thicker that your normal lotion and it's most effective after taking a body scrub. By the way cold temperature can easily dry our skin.

My friendship with body butter came into being when my gal friend, Jhona, made me try her Bath and Body Works' Secret Wonderland Body Butter. One application to my skin made me puke rainbows!!! Me mucho mucho mucho gusto!

However, Bath and Body Works is not available here in Singapore (ouerh... DAMN!) but we manage to order online thru their website. So, it's just a matter of time before I get my hands on it. La La La La La La!

For the time being, another of my gal friend Rhiamar, researched an alternative brand that we can use while waiting for the golden egg. She introduced to us Bali Ratih Body Scrub and Body Butter. Well, she found this online store that sells this products the are being manufactured in Bali Indonesia. Hence, the name.

I ordered their Almond Nut Body Scrub and Body Butter for the simple reason that I don't like fruity/flowery scent in my body. Don't get me wrong, I like it with girls but I don't like it in my body even though I'll only be using it at night.

Each costs around 8 SGD, free delivery if you'll order a certain number of their products. There are several more flavor from Bali Ratih and according to them Olive is their best seller. If you are interested, just ping me and I'll ping you their website. I kinda forgot.

I plan to exfoliate three times a week while I apply the body butter every night after I clean myself before going to bed. This will make your room smelling so good and it will leave you with a soft smooth skin the morning after. You'll be feeling like a baby waking up in the morning.

Now, if you are planning to buy some upscale products, try the ones from The Body Shop. For my preference, I bought the Shea flavored Body Scrub and Body Butter. The Shea nut is perfect for people with dry skin. You'll notice it with their scrub which has a very rough granules perfect for hard skin polishing. The Shea Body Butter is LOVE! It's like slathering your skin with Nutella!

The Scrub and Butter cost 30 SGD each but if you are a member of The Body Shop, you'll get 10% discount for every purchase. If you are lucky, you'll get 25% off.

So there, those were the scrubs and butter I use to quench my thirst for Bath and Body Works. Currently I used the Bali Ratih since I am intrigue with the product's effectiveness and affordability. So far it's doing good, three days after using it I can already see the effects to my skin.

Be good to your skin, after all it's the largest organ of our body and who doesn't want to feel and look good?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Start Small

September when Rhia blurted out "Ay ba't ganyan skin mo?! Maglotion ka!" (Why's your skin like that? Put lotion on your skin!)

Yep! I didn't realized how dry my skin was until Rhia pointed it out, while we were waiting for the MRT going to Marina Bay Station. My siblings too have always reminded me to take care of my skin, being a hardheaded brother as I am, I didn't listen to them. Plus it's a tiring process to add "taking-care-of--your-skin" to my everyday life.

Mind you, it's hard to inject a new habit into your system. Especially when this habit involves putting sticky substance into my skin. Plus, the hot weather of Singapore adds to the discomfort it may bring to my body. I hate slimy sweat!

And I know how frustrating and disappointing it is to fail in a habit you want to add in your life. Failing is very expensive (time, effort and money are wasted) and no one wants to afford that. Especially ME!

So what I did, I start small. I did it little by little.

First, I apply a very thin portion to my chest. I did it for several days until my skin is comfortable with the lotion as if it wasn't there at all.

Then I add more areas of my body, one at a time. From my chest I included my shoulders, then my back, my stomach, my arms then so on and so forth. I did it until my upper body is fully moisturized.

So what am I saying is that whenever you want to acquire a new habit or a new skill perhaps, it's better to start small and increase the intensity little by little. Also, it doesn't matter in where you will start. The important thing is, you START somewhere.

So now, I'm loving the changes/improvement that I am seeing in my skin brought by my new habit of applying lotion to my body. I'm working out my body to add more years to my life, why not take care of my skin to add more elasticity in it?

Find a habit, start small and work things out little by little until you achieved your goal.