Tuesday, January 1, 2013

When knowing becomes boring

An old friend once told me that reading books eliminate the element of surprise of knowing things.

Reading makes one smart by knowing things in advance thru learning via the experiences of others or maybe from a well-known study.

It is sure that with all the self-help books available in the bookstore, one can equip oneself of everything they need to cope up with the harshness that world could bring, e.g. Heartbreak (LoL)

But then again, where's the fun of it when you already know what to do?

You know that touching the fire is painful. It can give you burns, sometimes it can leave a terrible scar.

But have you been burn? Is it enough to know things and not experience it?

Is it enough to give empathy and not sympathy?

When is it enough to know and when is it ok to try?

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